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Best Smartphone Reader for Your Business

It is becoming more and more obvious that cash is no longer king. From restaurants and clothing boutiques, to craft shows and farmers market, more small businesses are picking up the convenience of smartphone readers. At Card Payments International we carry a wide variety of Utah smartphone card processors, so we’ll take a look at what goes into choosing the best reader for you.


The Square is probably the most recognizable smartphone reader on the market. It’s a small white, square that plugs into the audio jack. Plus, no merchant account necessary, the money goes straight into your bank account. However, the non-swipe transactions (like ACHs and check processing) incur higher fees. Also, the Square is not BlackBerry compatible.


The Intuit GoPayment is similar to the Square, but it’s app is compatible with the BlackBerry (note: not the card swiper) and give larger businesses more plan options.


PAYware Mobile is one of few card processors that will soon cover Canada and the UK. It allows you to track your transactions geographically, and the upgraded series even includes a multiple swipers, a PIN pad, and a bar code scanner so that you can do POS transactions while managing your inventory. A merchant account is required for the PAYware Mobile system.


These are just three of the many options for smartphone readers in Utah at Card Payments International. When choosing the best fit for you, remember to consider: our phone’s compatibility with the swipe-device and the app, the fee schedule, the necessity for a merchant account, and the extra features that you may or may not need. It helps to have an expert on hand to answer all of these questions and at Card Payments International we have a team of customer service professionals to answer all of your questions and help you make the best choice for your business and your budget. Click here or call us today at (801) 456-8585 to get started today.