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Credit Card Terminals 101

Credit card terminals are quickly moving in the direction of EMV standards (Europay, MasterCard, and Visa), which require an integrated circuit board in the card and a PIN number in order to make a purchase. These new requirements are the forefront of fraud prevention measures to protect consumers and merchants, so we need advanced technology in order to process them. At Card Payments International, our team of payment processing experts is constantly researching and obtaining the most up-to-date resources to bring to our Utah payment processing clients. For instance, our credit card terminals come with a wide variety of plans and features to benefit every type of business and every type of budget.


Dial terminals use older, analog phone lines for processing. Some commercial buildings don’t use digital or high speed Internet access, so the convenience of a dial terminal comes in handy. We offer several different types of dial terminal readers that are compatible with both magnetic cards and chip cards. Plus, each model is small and sleek for countertop and hand-over environments.


IP terminals use high speed, digital Internet access for secure transactions without the risk of failure during software downloads and transaction processing. They also offer the convenience of faster, more reliable transaction and batch settlement communications, so you see your funds in your account quicker.


Wireless terminals are great for a business on the go. Each terminal prints out a receipt for your customer to sign immediately. Plus, they are lightweight, ergonomic, and accept a full range of payment types.


PIN pads are similar to wireless terminals, but they only accept PIN-based transactions. All of our models are selected for their superior attention to security and fraud prevention. And all are considered high-performance and simple payment solutions.


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