Card Payments International

E-Commerce Payment Processing and Shopping Carts

Many businesses operate solely online or provide their customers with the flexibility of online purchases from a line of merchandise also available in-store. With the online marketplace burgeoning with traffic, e-businesses need a more reliable way to process payments. Reliability is important in protecting customer’s credit card and contact information, plus, business databases, and in making sure that business are getting the correct order information on time. So how can we make sure that payment information is reliably processed? By using the best. The best and most advanced technology comes from Card Payments International, a Utah credit card processing company.


We offer a wide variety of merchant accounts that work easily in cooperation with an even wider variety of shopping cart applications, including:


Available 24/7 for processing transactions. Provides free fraud protection and additional merchant assistance services.

  • eProcessing Network

Real-time authorizations for direct deposit. Mobile device-friendly.

  • Virtual Merchant

Multi-browser compatible. Supports real-time authorization and settlement.

  • Internet Secure

Easy fraud management tools for secure processing. Robust features, like recurring billing, virtual terminal, and custom integration.

  • MX Merchant

No other bankcard processor offers this level of control analysis.

  • 3 Delta

Allows processing government and corporate Purchase Card with Level III line item detail.


Whether you are a new or seasoned online merchant will probably help you determine which shopping cart to use. For instance, if you already have a website and payment gateway, then you may only need a basic shopping cart that integrates your existing software. But if you are new e-business owner/manager, then you may want a more robust shopping cart that can handle everything from inventory control to payment processing.


For more information about Utah payment processing services company products and to learn which ones are right for your business, click here or call Card Payments International today at (801) 456-8585.