Card Payments International

Fraud Prevention for Merchants

More and more e-commerce opportunities are popping up all over the Internet. Consumers and merchants alike enjoy the flexibility and the broader range of available merchandise and resources that e-commerce businesses can provide. But along with that freedom come some risks. For instance, with face-to-face transactions there still exists an undeniable chance of fraudulent transactions, but certain precautions (like verifying government issued IDs) can be taken in order to reduce fraud. Online transactions, though, still maintain a certain risk, so one of the best ways to protect against fraud is to learn about your Utah payment processing options and features. At Card Payment International we pride ourselves on educating our clients about protecting themselves and their loyal customers.


Fraud prevention is a quickly growing institution; prevention systems must evolve as quickly as the illegal systems used by identity thieves and hackers. At Card Payments International, we are constantly researching the most advanced and secure processing platforms for our merchants. Some of the key features we look for in our products include:

  • Real-time verification of guaranteed ACH funds
  • Improved sales rates—fewer abandoned carts
  • Offers diverse payment methods (credit card, ACH, etc.) to encourage repeat purchases


In addition, our Utah processing gateways utilize multiple databases to instantly screen payments, helping to reduce NSF charges and fraud before the purchase is processed. Our relationship managers are standing by to help you find the most efficient method of processing for you business. Click here or call us today at (801) 465-8585 for more information about our Utah smart phone readers, our ACH payment processing, and more.