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Give a Gift Card

At Card Payments International we have been providing premier payment processing services for over 14 years. Why sign up with Card Payments International? Our card services include everything from Utah ACH payment solutions, POS to online transactions and smartphone card readers. Our partnership and affiliate programs make it easy to generate new sources of revenue for your business as well as opportunities for independent agents. Plus, we provide you with excellent customer service so you are never in the dark. We even offer gift card services to our customers. Why would you need gift cards for your business? Well, let’s talk about that…


Gift card solutions can be used for standard business gift cards for patrons and employee incentive cards. We can also create gift cards with your logo or custom design to help you get your brand out there. One of the fastest growing gift ideas is a gift card. Everyone’s unique style dictates the beginning and the necessity of the gift card. Friends and family would rather give the gift of free money and choice rather than the T-shirt that might not fit and is the wrong color.


To keep employees motivated, businesses usually offer incentives like commission, a raise, or a bonus. A gift card is a great way to promote your individual brand image while benefiting your employees and giving them a special “Thank You.” Expressing your gratitude helps attract new employees, as well as retaining good employees. Just another way Card Payments International helps you grow your business.


Find out more about our services across the United States, including credit card terminals, Utah smartphone card readers, POS software and online processing solutions. See what Card Payments International can do for your business. With competitive rates and modern technology, we have a processing solution for every business. Click here or call us today at (801) 456-8585 to find out more.