Card Payments International

Online Solutions for E-Commerce

Many companies these days have turned to the more flexible e-commerce route. E-commerce is a type of business or industry where buying and selling transactions take place completely electronically. Because more and more companies are conducting “e-business” Card Payments International provide more and more Utah payment processing solutions for online transactions. At Card Payments International we want our clients to make informed decisions about their processing systems. We want your business to thrive. So we have published this article to tell readers about one of our best e-commerce tools—Payment Gateways.


Our team at Card Payments International put forth a great deal of resources in order to bring our clients the most efficient and the best Utah credit card processing software and ACH payment solutions. One such tool is our e-Processing Network. The e-Processing Network Secure Payment Gateway is a premier online payment platform that allows merchants to accept all forms of payment (except cash) in a secure, real-time environment. The software can even be installed directly on your website, accessed through mobile devices and in-store.


Some of the best perks to using e-Processing Network include:

  • Real-time authorizations ensure the validity of each transaction.
  • Merchants can have the funds deposited directly to their accounts.
  • Multiple users can access from multiple locations at the same time.


Our team of knowledgeable Utah ACH payment processing experts are standing by to find you the best payment solution for your business. With easy-to-use software and hardware, we can help you make the best of your business. For more information about our Utah smart phone readers or credit card processing services, click here or call us today at (801) 456-8585.